Howden Electroheating
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• 'RV' Vat Heater/Open Topped Tank Heater
Vat heater with a range of loadings from 1kW to 30kW depending on the solution to be heated. Option of fitting a control thermostat within the terminal enclosure. An over-temperature safety thermostat can be mounted separately. Models suitable for a wide range of caustics and chemical solutions.
• 'SH' Open Topped Tank Heater
Suitable for heating deep tanks or partially buried tanks and is suitable for out-door applications. Ideal as an anti-frost heater. Range of loadings from 1kW to 15kW for water heating applications. Can be specified to heat oils and caustics.
• 'OD' Flanged, Removable Core Element Heater
Three phase immersion heaters ranging from 6kW to 24kW. A bank of 6 elements is fitted horizontally on a rectangular flange. The standard range is specifically designed to heat water and caustic solutions and can be used to heat various chemical solutions. Suitable for plating tanks, rinse tanks, etc.